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  • 03  Communication
  • 03.01  Aids for blind & visually impaired people

Aids for blind & visually impaired people

  • 03  Communication
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Special software

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  • 09  Occupation & education
  • 09.04  Workplace equipment
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Our products

Product category: Workplace equipment, Workplace systems

ALT Compensates blindness related penalties in any Windows environment

You are blind or have low vision and are frustrated with technology creating barriers preventing your ability to work as fast as you think.
When you hear “Universal Access” you think of it as an objective, not an achievement and certainly not your experience.
You wish you could just make your screen reader “shut up” for a minute to give you a break while the computer just “beams you” to your final destination, skipping all the intermediary steps.
When you hear “changes are coming at work” it causes you concern as your connection to your work can be easily disrupted and you can’t afford time loss waiting for a new set of Screen Reader Scripts.
Perhaps — you’ve had enough.

  • You can do it.  You Are Able.

ALT – the Alternative solution to accelerate not only your access to information but also your contribution to your work and your teamALT – a product developed by Drager & Lienert

ALT – is installed on your PC, works with all programs universally, and works with all screen readers, with all screen magnifiers, all web-browsers, with all back office systems.

ALT – takes the drudgery of complex and illogical keystrokes and accelerates your interactions with the computer leaving you to do the work you like want to do (and your boss is watching).

ALT – take care of the navigation silently beaming you to the correct location (every time!) for text entry or text reading, taking care of entering all your ID and passwords along the way.

ALT – Website navigation? No problem, ALT will click where it needs to click, tab where it needs to tab, and pause where it needs to wait and simply leaves you where you want to be in the first place, immediately.

ALT – Takes care of loading your programs. If they’re running, it will use it. If they’re not, it will load them. Same with files, if you’re working with files, if they’re loaded already it won’t duplicate. It will search your documents or spread-sheets using the power of the computer without the need to pause while you try to remember “what was that key sequence again”? You don’t need to ask for help.

ALT – takes care of the typing, or those common cut/paste tasks by providing a simple way to retrieve stored materials for your use. You can focus on one perfect communication, and use it again and again without the need to recheck your work. Fast!

ALT – beyond its native accelerators, can also incorporate VB scripts under shortcut control. All the power, none of the pain.

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About us

Company details

Since 1989 Draeger Lienert develops and provides ergonomically
optimised workplaces for persons who are blind.

Draeger Lienert (DL) inclusive products enable blind persons to work competitively for the jobs they have, and the jobs they desire. DL products help compensate for computer systems poorly designed for universal use.
Such systems impede work progress by otherwise fully capable blind workers. Common software products can easily be corrected for use by blind workers enabling speed coupled with removing the frustration of unnecessary work
and increased contribution.

This, without the need to change the underlying programs whether local or web-based.
Draeger Lienert clients are people who were born blind or became blind by an accident or by a disease. Most customers are highly educated, all highly capable but previously frustrated with the impairments of computer systems designed for sightedperson's use. The cross-section of clients spanning the globe includes those working for Government Ministries, Universities,
Law Courts (Judges and Lawyers), for companies in lndustry, within Authorities and Associations for the Blind or those who are entrepreneurial and self-employed. Draeger Lienert offers consulting and analysis of work place
environments. DL provides standard equipment such as Braille Displays, CTTV (digital magnification) systems, Screen readers and other supporting products
for blind persons spanning many manufacturers.
DL also provides design and customized software to integrate third party products.
Research and Development is a cornerstone activity of the company. One of the products that is being driven by continuous development is the product "ALT" ,
internationally distributed by the Canadian based company, U-R-Able ( ALT dramatically accelerates work-flow tasks. Conceptually "beaming" the user from any starting point to any destination, where the work of the next task starts, in a single step. This "beaming" can often reduce process steps that take minutes to tiny seconds, allowing the user to focus on the work not the task of getting there.
ALT Accelerators can be invoked by keyboard, from switches, by schedules or even by use of RFID technologies creating "smart objects". With respect to leading work, Draeger Lienert actively cooperate with companies and educational institutions in Germany, throughout Europe as well as with international companies. Education, as a headwater for new future
employees, is a keen focus. Draeger Lienerts mission is to narrow the gap facing blind workers, drive forward efficiencies in their daily work. Creating working environments that are ideal, even when founded on software systems that are old or poorly designed for universal access. DL improves and stabilizes the workplace by increasing the employee's contribution
to their work, their team and to the companies or organizations they support.

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